The BT-32B is used to lift pumps from water wells or oil wells. It is also used for bailing water, oil or gas wells.

6,000 lb. Capacity Single Line
- 12,000 lb. Capacity - 2-Part Line
- 18,000 lb. Capacity - 3-Part Line
- Hydraulic Outriggers
- One Man Operation
- Sets Up Or Folds Up In A Minute
- Mounts On 3/4 Ton Pickup Or Larger Truck - Flat Bed Or Utility Body 80% Of 8 Foot Truck Box Usable
- 32 Ft. Derrick Lay-Back Allows 13 Ft. Reach - No Jib Required
- Telescoping Derrick - No Longer Than Truck When "Road Ready"
- Hydraulic Draw Works - No Clutches, No Brakes
- Automatic Engine Speed Control Standard Equipment
- Many Safety Features
- Can Be Operated From Truck Transmission Or By Auxillary Gas Engine
- Optional Equipment To Do Most Any Job